My Story

My Story


I go by the name Justincredible. I was born in North Miami, FL and raised in Dade & Broward County, FL. My grandfather was a traveling Jazz Band Saxophone Player. My parents low-key sang and played instruments growing up. So did I. My mom and dad introduced me to lots of R&B, Soul, Jazz, & Gospel music. As a kid listening to the radio, I got introduced to Hip-Hop & Rock music. That lit a HUGE spark for me! 

In my earlier high school days I began to write poetry as a way of expressing my teenage frustrations and stress-reliever. Shortly after, I began recording music in a garage alongside a local group of Artists in Miramar, FL. Soon after that, I started to win rap battles, talent contests, and release EPs in South Florida.

I graduated from the University of Central. U-C-F…GO KNIGHTS!!! While attending UCF, I won multiple talent competitions & created radio intros for DJ Chino & Candi Marie. 

After graduation, for 8 years I was a Lead Creative Writer & Spoken Word Poet for A.M.P.E.D. (a poetry super-group based out of Central FL). While in A.M.P.E.D., I traveled to perform for different audiences across the United States, opened for award-winning Musicians & Artists, learned how to paint more vivid pictures with my words, and grew stronger in my love for creative writing. 

I love the power & freedom of being an Independent Artist! I believe art should imitate life & no topic is “off limits”. With 17 years of creative writing & on-stage performance experience, I’ve realized that I can capture the attention of any size audience within 60 seconds. Audiences primarily know me for 3 words: “Real”, “Passion”, and “Flow”.  

Currently, I’m a Creative Arts Teacher & Arts Ambassador for Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL.I wake up every day trying to use my voice, talents, and lifestyle to help other people. It’s such a rewarding feeling to inspire listeners (and fellow Artists) to embrace who they truly are, love others, and do something great with their lives. Right now, I am working on completing my 2nd independent original album.

Musical Influences: Nas, Michael Jackson, Queen, Eminem, Sade, Alanis Morissette, Limp Bizkit, Alicia Keys, and Wale. 

Poetic Influences: The Striver’s Row, Shawn Welcome, Terance Jones, Simba Castano, Rudy Francisco, and 1 Poet Deep. 

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