Art Imitating Life: Real. Passion. Flow.


A creative Hip-Hop masterpiece that aggressively challenges the status quo; gracefully blends rock, soul, and poetry; and passionately merges quality vibes and above-par lyrics. This calculated mix of music is filled with romantic short stories, man-in-the-mirror confessions, socially-aware news reports, inspirational anthems, and unfiltered humor. From the opening track ‘Procrastination’ to the “love and hip-hop” ballad ‘Rebecca’, Justincredible displays his artistic range and penmanship throughout his debut album. From ‘LIVE: In Living Color’ to ‘Multi-Cultural Love (Interlude)’, Art Imitating Life: “Real. Passion. Flow.” gives Hip-Hop/Rap fans a breath of fresh air. The honesty, the compassion, the lyricism all scream those famous words….REAL. PASSION. FLOW!!!

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